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Xuron® 9180 High Durability Scissor

Xuron® 9180 High Durability Scissor

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Designed and manufactured for cutting Kevlar® and other high strength fibers. These materials, though enjoyed by consumers for their abrasion resistance and stretch-free nature, will ruin the cutting edges of a wire cutter or traditional scissors quickly.

Terrific for cutting Dandyline®, Fireline® and other high strength fibers used by bead weavers and fisherman. Also a good choice for cutting parachute cord.

Handles are free of confining finger loops and return spring brings tool back to an open position after each cut. An added benefit -- one of the scissor blades is serrated and acts to prevent the fibers from sliding out of the front of the scissor when cutting.

Also available in a non serrated version (Model 9180NS) for cutting sheets of solder or other soft materials.

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