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The Swiss Torch

The Swiss Torch

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Manufactured in Switzerland. This torch is similar to the hoke style is most popular with jewelers for its precision and versatility. The torch may be used for repair, microwelding and precise soldering. It is also a platinum torch, when used with a special tip it produces a hot flame for melting or casting small amounts of platinum.

Brazing Tips: Provide excellent flame stability even with natural gases (except acetylene). Small pointed flame 4900°F - 5160°F.

Microflame Welding & Brazing Tips: Extremely maneuverable flame, unlimited flame positions. Adjustable pointed flame 4900°F - 5160°F.

Complete set includes one torch body, hoke style head with three tips, platinum head, and microflame welding/brazing tip with 4 needles.

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