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SmartPro CVD & HPHT Tester

SmartPro CVD & HPHT Tester

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The SMARTPRO Screen-1 is a desktop unit that can be used to test any loose or open-back mounted diamond from 0.01 to 12 carats in size.

Features include:

  • PC connectivity
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Smart-touch test switch LED light source
  • Laser target pointer
  • Auto-testing function
  • Zero warm-up time
  • Automatic power-off after five minutes inactivity.

The SMARTPRO Screen-1 is powered by MicroUSB (cable included with purchase) or four (4) AAA batteries (sold separately).

Differentiate natural Type I diamonds from Type II lab-grown stones:

  • Screens any diamond in the D - J color range
  • Test stones as small as 0.01 ct and as large as 12 ct
  • MicroUSB cable included with purchase
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