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SmartPro GEM-EYE I

SmartPro GEM-EYE I

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The Gemstone Tester with color estimator display for smooth, seamlessly testing of precious stones and diamonds.

The SmartPro Gem-Eye I was specifically developed to distinguish between diamonds and other simulants, using the principle of thermal conductivity. The exceptional heat conductivity od diamonds is unlike any simulant. Therefore, diamonds are not easily replicable. The SmartPro Gem-Eye I consists of two linked thermometers; one that is heated electronically, while the other is cooled by the gemstone being tested. The difference in temperature creates an electrical output, which is then amplified and displayed on an analog dial. The color stone estimator display assists the user in distinguishing popular colored gemstones from each other.

  • High efficiency gem tester.
  • Retractable thermoelectric probe tip ensures constant pressure between probe tip and gemstone.
  • Industry’s thinnest probe tip (0.48mm).
  • Tests diamonds as small as 0.01ct.
  • LEDs indicator.
  • Metal alert buzzer ensures probe tip is in contact with gemstone during testing.
  • Easy-to-read analog panel display.
  • No waiting time between tests.
  • Built-in diamond and simulant test discs for reference.
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