Procraft® Electric Soldering Machine

Compact, efficient machine for soldering rings, jewelry, spectacle frames or any piece where hard or soft solder is needed. The heat range is acceptable for soldering very light to heavy items. Heat control is easily achieved by turning the selector knob. The heat is produced electrically, without flame, by touching a carbon electrode to the work to be soldered. The current passing through the carbon will heat the object in a matter of seconds. Carbons are copper plated to insure good contact. The large carbon holder can be adjusted to use carbons both horizontally or vertically. Maximum 1000 watts. Soldering machine comes with foot control switch, complete carbon stand, set of 5 carbon lead wires, and instructions. 90 day manufacturer's warranty. 110 volt model has 15 amps, 220 volt model has 7.5 amps. Please contact us directly if you need replacement parts. 

  • No torch or gas tanks needed. 
  • Used for hard or soft soldering.
  • Up to 2000° F (1093° C).
  • Demagnetizes watch movements, small instruments and small tools. 
  • Low voltage unit is shock resistant - your hands may safely touch any part of the carbon holders or contact clips.