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Pepe® Nano Sawblades

Pepe® Nano Sawblades

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We searched the world over to bring you the most advanced saw blades. Made in Germany from hardened steel, creating a straighter and stronger saw blade. The New NANO Blades incorporate all the advanced qualities required and then some.

NANO – is the Blade for most challenging projects to make your job easier and faster. Allowing you more time to create - less time changing blades. Paired with a HAYMAKER saw, you will cut cleaner, longer, and faster.


  • Straight, Uniform & Sharp.
  • 5 1/8" (130MM) Long.
  • High Grade Steel.
  • Tempered for Flexibility.
  • Premium Saw Blades.
  • Come packaged in easy to reuse tube, identified on the label with size and specifications such as which gauge of material to use, thickness, blade depth, teeth per inch, and piercing size.
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