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OGITECH® DiaTrue Mobile Detector

OGITECH® DiaTrue Mobile Detector

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Dia True mobile is portable and the fastest diamond detector on the market. It is designed to identify CVD and HPHT lab grown diamonds and so, to protect the market of natural diamonds from fraud. In a few seconds per test, up to 500 stones can be analyzed, resulting with clear and accurate results. The device detects stones whether or not they come in jewelry (even diamonds in rings, earrings). Thanks the new technology what OGI created user can rotate the rings in special holder 360 degree and can see the results in Real Time. Dia True mobile sends the result via email or any social media as well as print a certificate. The price of Dia True mobile is substantially lower than any of the competitors' devices. The device is compact, mobile and easy to use. It can be connected to a power adapter or a power bank for use while traveling.

  • Detect Synthetic diamonds grown by HPHT or CVD methods.
  • Checks single, loose or mounted diamonds, CZ & Moissanite (including those coated with CVD).
  • detect colorless diamond (Color D to L).
  • Identifies stones on jewelry, unmounted diamonds.
  • Detection of even the smallest stones (melle).
  • 360-degree real time view for Rings and Earrings.
  • Checks parcels & 15 rings at a time.
  • Special feature to reduces false-positive results.
  • Multiple sensitivity settings for easy analysis.
  • Real time function for precise HPHT/CVD lab grown stone identification.
  • Built-in with high camera Resolution.
  • Low current consumption.
  • With Anydesk can present all feature and you can take control from anywhere in the world.
  • Send the result via email or social media (Whatsapp).
  • Automatic update from the website.
  • Portable carrying case included.


  • 1 DIATRUE Mobile device.
  • 1 Portable carrying case.
  • 1 User’s guide.
  • 2 Trays (1 matrix grid, 1 open).
  • 1 Ring 360 holder.
  • 1 Earring 360 holder.
  • 1 Ring tray.
  • 1 Tennis holder.
  • 1 Bracelet holder.
  • 1 Charger.
  • 1 Warranty card.


  • Power Supply: 24V 2.0A.
  • Power Cable Type: IEC.
  • Screen Device: Smart phone.
  • Screen Size: 5.8 Inches.
  • Operating System: Android.
  • Mobile Battery: Auto-charging.
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