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NSK® Emax EVOlution

NSK® Emax EVOlution

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ULTRA-PRECISION BRUSHLESS MICRO-GRINDER. Electrically Driven 1,000~40,000 min-1 (rpm). Price includes FC-64 pedal.

  • Digital display enhances safety and efficiency.
  • Compact and functional design makes the unit portable.
  • Soft touch switches permit easy operation and long service life.
  • NAKANISHI Smart Switch.
  • High performance samarium cobalt magnet.
  • High accuracy, lightweight, high reliability and superior durability.
  • Major reduction of RF noise.
  • Provides extremely quiet operation from low to high speed with stepless speed adjustment.
  • Manual.
  • Operation guide.
Speed 1,000-40,000 min-1( rpm) 1,000-25,000 min-1(rpm)
Weight (w/o Cord) 3.17 oz. 5.19 oz.
Max. Torque 4.3 cN·m 4.8 cN·m
Output Power 73W 76W

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