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Mettler Toledo® JET503C/A Scale

Mettler Toledo® JET503C/A Scale

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Legal-for-trade balances from Mettler Toledo featuring a color touchsceen, automatic adjustment, easy device connection and density determination (additional hardware needed - sold separately).

  • Automatic time- and temperature-sensitive calibration
  • Built-in density determination software
  • 505ct (101 g) Capacity x 0.001ct (0.0001) Readability

Mettler Toledo’s balances have the worldwide reputation of being the best in their class. The new JET series brings a new generation of balances with highest quality, design, durability and above all, weighing accuracy. Simply put, you will not find a better jewelry balance on the market.

JET jewelry balances deliver high accuracy for weighing gold, precious metals, diamonds and gemstones whilst smart features simplify daily jewelry weighing tasks.

Color Touchscreen: The 4.5” color touchscreen is clear and intuitive to use and offers over 15 interface languages and up to 17 weighing units to choose from. Built-in applications provide step-by-step instructions on the screen, and all the calculations are done automatically, such as those for totalization and density determination.  

Automatic Adjustment (FACT): This built-in technology performs an adjustment automatically whenever there is a change in ambient conditions. JET balances use their own internal weights to determine and correct any deviations immediately.

Easy Device Connection: With 3 interfaces, one RS232 and two USBs, JET balances provide flexible options for connecting a range of different devices.

Intuitive User Interface & Built-In Apps: Built-in applications, including density, statistics and totalization, simplify daily jewelry weighing tasks. Instructions are provided on the touchscreen display and results are calculated automatically. 

JET balances are robustly built from high quality materials, and have overload protection, to ensure a long balance lifetime.

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