Ikohe Magnetic Finishing Tumbler - Digital

Easily surpasses vibratory or centrifugal systems. Engineered from the finest materials, it is tough, sturdy and dependable. Part, size or shape are not a concern. A choice of different polishing media gives you the option for controlling the surface finish, be it satin or ultra bright. All models have see through bowls with fill line indication and a cover.

  • A direct drive, fan cooled motor for quiet operation
  • On/off switch
  • Programmable models allow you to do multiple runs, plan new parameters, or even make last minute changes
  • An end of cycle buzzer alerts you at the pre-set time
  • Digital system
  • Variable speed
  • Programmable for forward/reverse motion
6" BOWL 100 G 20 LB. 10" X 10" X 14"
9" BOWL 500 G 55 LB. 16" X 14" X 23"
12" BOWL 1 KG 86 LB. 16" X 16" X 26"