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Lindstrom® Pointed Shear Flush Cutter - 6159

Lindstrom® Pointed Shear Flush Cutter - 6159

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The new SHEAR CUTTERS series from Lindstrom features a high-performance alloy steel with precision-ground cutting edges. Rockwell hardness of 63-65 HRC, and ergonomic light-weight textured grips for comfort and stability. Expert shear cutting technology and a controlled edge overlap of less than 0.2 mm help deliver a clean cut - on even the thinnest wires!

  • 134 mm (5.28") length.
  • 14 mm (.55") jaw length.
  • 12.8 mm (.50") jaw width.
  • Max cut: 18 gauge. 

Peak Shear - 6159: The pointy-head design and its symmetrical tips have been specifically designed to allow for maximum access and reach. By-pass cutting action with narrow pointy jaws allows users to get underneath delicate components and in tight places for a precision flush cut. 

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