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Komet® Footsie™ Polishing Spiral

Komet® Footsie™ Polishing Spiral

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Achieving a perfect polishing result is an integral part of everyday laboratory work. In order to achieve this as quickly, easily, and efficiently as possible, we have invented the polishing Footsie™ spiral. This polishing system covers all applications with only two coordinated polishing steps.  The two-stage polishers are best suited for all-ceramics and work well on a large selection of shapes and sizes.
Footsie™ polishing spiral for all-ceramics. Simply shiny.

The crowning glory of every dental restoration is the high-gloss and perfectly smoothed surface. It is even more perfect if the optimum polish is achieved with few tools, little effort, and in a short amount of time.

Those who have not been satisfied with the results of the wheel, lens, or flame will now find new possibilities with the polishing spiral. The two-stage diamond grain interspersed polishing spirals are particularly flexible and adapt to almost all anatomical surfaces. Occlusal, incisal, labial, buccal, and proximal areas are polished to a high-shine extremely quickly.
A very beautiful degree of gloss is achieved in the first polishing stage (blue), and the high-gloss finish is achieved in the second stage (grey). The special design of the spiral ensures that the individual lamellae (feet) fit together and support each other. This makes the spiral stable and improves its service life.


  • Natural looking high shine in just two polishing steps
  • Long service life for greater economic benefits
  • System of diamond interspersed polishers for all-ceramic restorations
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