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GRS®Apex Dual Angle Fixture

GRS®Apex Dual Angle Fixture

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The new Apex Dual Angle fixture is a redesign of the iconic Dual Angle fixture. It features a shorter front profile to accommodate longer gravers, and exclusively accepts GRS QC Tool Holders. A quarter-turn locking system promotes ultimate efficiency for loading and locking tools.

The post dial has been simplified to promote finding the correct angle setting quickly.

The tool dial has also been refreshed with updated markings including an “F” to quickly find the marking for the face angle.

The locking knobs have been updated to knurled steel for maximum durability.

Lastly, the fixture post has been updated with a much stronger magnet and has been lengthened to 7″ to accommodate longer gravers. Graver geometry possibilities are endless with this fixture.

Includes: Apex Sharpening Fixture, Dual Angle dial, and Apex fixture post. Compatible with #003‑762 Apex Speedline Dials, sold separately.

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