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GRS® GlenSteel Tapered Round Gravers

GRS® GlenSteel Tapered Round Gravers

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The GlenSteel Tapered Round gravers, similar in shape to the C-Max Tapered Round Gravers but different in material, add to the versatile line of GRS GlenSteel gravers. The GlenSteel Tapered Round, made with outstanding toughness to resist breaking and chipping, is available in multiple sizes.These gravers use QC Tool Holder for 1/8" Round #004-873.

GlenSteel wears predictably to help eliminate catastrophic tool failures that ruin work and confidence. The material is a special High-Speed Steel (HSS) made by GRS. This tool is an excellent all-around choice for professionals and hobbyists when a tough graver is needed. GlenSteel is cobalt-free, eliminating the concerns of cobalt exposure during tool sharpening and use.


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