GRS® GlenSteel Parallel Flat Gravers

The GlenSteel Parallel Flat, made with outstanding toughness to resist breaking and chipping, has parallel sides and a flat tool bottom. This graver style is available in sizes ranging from a narrow 0.6 mm to a wide 2.0 mm tool point. These gravers use QC Tool Holder for 1/8" Round #004-873. GlenSteel wears predictably to help eliminate catastrophic tool failures that ruin work and confidence. The material is a special High-Speed Steel (HSS) made by GRS. This tool is an excellent all-around choice for professionals and hobbyists when a tough graver is needed. GlenSteel is cobalt-free, eliminating the concerns of cobalt exposure during tool sharpening and use. Length: 2.3" (58.42 mm). Tool Point Length: 1.03" (26.162 mm). Diameter: 0.125" (3.175 mm).