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Gabarino & Titonel® LED Lamp

Gabarino & Titonel® LED Lamp

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Garbarino & Titonel presents their new LED lamp for the dental and jewelry industry. Expressly studied for a perfect view of colors and all their shades, they guarantee a shadowless surfaces and high details. These special features are possible thanks to this special light, completely free from flickering and the color of 5500°k that correspond to sun light.

  • High brightness efficiency.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Long life.
  • Natural light for eye safety.

View and eyes protection from fatigue and problems are a duty for us to all our customers, and thanks to this new type of light, are 100% prevented. POWER LAMP is deigned to respect energy saving regulations thanks to its very low power wasting and a long life of 50.000 hours . Our lamps are totally infrared, UV e CO2 radiations free and equipped with integrated brightness intensity regulator. With its sober design, the multi articulated arm and a new glass which evenly spreads the lights POWER ACROBAT LAMPS can be used in offices, receptions, reading areas, technical offices etc.

Type Acrobat20
Power 20 w
Spotlight 41 cm
Arm dimension 95 cm
Power supply 230v – 50/60Hz
Weight 4 kg
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