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Foredom® Component Arm - LED Light Bar Arm

Foredom® Component Arm - LED Light Bar Arm

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LED Light Bar with Shade is designed to illuminate an entire work surface. This unique light is "ON"  when in the horizontal position and "OFF" when pivoted 90º upright (see photos). The Light Bar is a component of Foredom's New Work Bench System. It has a mounting bracket for use with the Double Motor Hanger but can also be installed on two other component support rods. Alternate rods are great for users who already own a motor hanger, work with micromotors and other non-flex shaft tools, or just want and need a method to get organized. The Light Bar must be plugged in to work. Its integrated Cord Set connects to a separate adapter/transformer which, in turn, plugs into an electrical outlet (see photos). The Light Bar Shade comes mounted for right handed users and can be flipped for left hand use. Please note, none of the accessories (motors, stand or arms) are included. This item is only the LED Light Bar Arm.

  • 31-1/2 (80cm) long.
  • 630 Lumens.
  • 9 Watt, 24 Volt.
  • For 115 or 230 Volt Use.

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