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Foredom® Fishmouth with Bench Pin Assembly

Foredom® Fishmouth with Bench Pin Assembly

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Foredom’s new Fishmouth with bench pin, curved acrylic shield, and adjustable arm rests is the perfect addition to any bench for dust control and debris removal. It mounts to any GRS style mounting bracket. (Foredom's MA604 mounting bracket is included in case you do not already have a GRS bracket) The exhaust port accommodates a 2-1/4″ hose and comes with an elbow to position your dust collector hose in any direction. The curved acrylic shield gives a clear view of your work and also helps to keep stray dust from flying at you. The inside of the Fishmouth has a mounting bracket for the supplied Wooden Bench Pin Assembly. Two Year Limited Warranty (excluding shield).


  • Fishmouth Width: 9-1/2″ at back, 6″ at front.
  • Fishmouth Depth: 8-3/4″ front to back.
  • Fishmouth Height: 9″ from bottom of metal exhaust port to back.
  • Curved Shield Width: 8″ at top, 5″ at bottom
  • Curved Shield Height: 10-1/2″
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