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Dialux Polishing Compounds

Dialux Polishing Compounds

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A select type of super soft abrasive, uniformly blended with a carrier wax. These compounds have a special formulation for good adhesion to buffs or felt wheels. Only minimal amounts need to be used. Priced by 4 oz. bar.

  • Red - For a bright shine on yellow gold and silver.
  • Green - Medium cutting compound for chrome and stainless steel. 
  • White - For reflective polishing of silver and silver alloys.
  • Blue - A general-purpose polishing compound for all metals. 
  • Orange - Leaves a high degree of finish on soft metals. 
  • Yellow - Recommended for a bright finish on brass, bronze, and copper. 
  • Gray - Best for producing a reflective finish on stainless steel.
  • Black - Recommended high polishing compound for Silver.

WARNING! This product does not contain substances above the safe harbor level established by the list from California Proposition 65. However, during the normal use of the product, dust and particles can be created during the sanding, drilling or grinding process on materials such as wood, paint, cement, masonry or metal. For more information visit

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