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Rhoduna® Diamond Bright Rhodium

Rhoduna® Diamond Bright Rhodium

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RHODUNA® Diamond Bright deposits brilliant-white, ultra-bright coatings of previously unattained lightness and brilliance. It is additionally characterized by high covering speed and excellent throwing power. Furthermore the RHODUNA®  Diamond Bright layer thicknesses of up to 5 um can be deposited crack-free.

Rhodium can be directly deposited on silver, gold, copper and copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys. When plating tin, lead, zinc, aluminium and iron, intermediate nickel coatings of some um thickness are absolutley essential. Strike nickel plating is advantageous wih all substrates.

Your advantages:

  • Ultra-bright coatings with previously unattained lightness and brilliance.
  • Good covering speed. 
  • Minor porosity.
  • Excellent throwing power.
  • Layer thickness of up to 5 um can be deposited.
  • For rack and barrel plating.
  • High abrasion resistance .
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