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Sony® Murata Watch Batteries

Sony® Murata Watch Batteries

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Murata is the global leader in both the OEM and the replacement markets for Silver Oxide batteries. Murata long-life silver oxide batteries feature the best anti-leakage system in the industry. Murata offers a smarter multidrain system, reducing the number of SKUs required without making a compromise. All SR, CR and LR Murata batteries are offered exclusively in easy push-through tear strips. They are also marked with a use by (best before) date. Cross reference guide. Prices shown are PER BATTERY, not per strip as pictured.

Disclaimer: Every year in the United States, more than 3,500 people of all ages swallow button batteries. These are used to power hearing aids, watches, toys, games, flashing jewelry, singing greeting cards, remote control devices, and many other items. CALL 800-498-8666 or CALL COLLECT 202 625 3333 for guidance if someone swallows a battery.

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