CAST/T Compact Centrifugal Casting Device

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Cast is a new centrifugal casting device working with a new patented casting principle which allows the casting of approximately 450 grams gold, platinum, silver or other alloys in one mold. With this new technique there is no main stem necessary! The small tabletop design is space saving and economical. Cast is the first choice for locations with limited work space. Cast/T devices meet all CE requirements and applicable safety standards and are TUV-GS certified by TUV Product Service. Set includes:

  • Casting machine
  • Crucible holder
  • Crucible L (max. 250g Gold)
  • Crucible M (max.150g Gold)
  • Mold Base
  • Metal ring 30mm
  • Metal ring 60mm
  • Waxdisks x 5
  • Mold pliers
  • Set of tools
  • Speed is 930rpm.
  • Power is 110 volts (60 Hz).
  • Power consumption is 20W.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Manual