Bergeon® Digital Ring Stick

A revolutionary new product for the jewelery sector! Professionals in the industry will certainly appreciate the efficiency and user-friendliness of this innovative digital ring stick from Bergeon, which is accurate to ± 0.01 mm. Made in Switzerland. Housed in wooden box for easy storage.

Stabilized and anodized aluminium structure connected to a digital display accurate to ± 0.01 mm. 4 measurement scales set by simple pressure. Optional hands-free device for optimal measurement quality.

For updating all scales of measure before using the Digital Ring Stick, push the Runner (A) against extremity (B) and press ”SET”.

Available measurement scales:

  • Ring diameter: 13 - 25 mm.
  • Circumference: 41 - 78 mm.
  • French sizes: 1 - 38.
  • American sizes: 1 - 16.