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GRS® C-Max Burin

GRS® C-Max Burin

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This GRS Burin is a special tungsten carbide graver made for hand engraving, especially intaglio print making. The material is GRS C-Max, a grade of carbide that has the ability to hold a sharp edge for an incredibly long time. Because this material is a very hard tungsten carbide, it can only be sharpened using a diamond abrasive such as the 5" Diamond Wheels (#002-055) for Power Hone (#001-525B) — ordinary sharpening stones or grinding wheels will not work on this material.

The burin is made from a 0.125" (3.17mm) diameter round blank approximately 3" (75mm) long. On the top front of the burin are two ground reference surfaces forming a 90° square edge. This provides a clamping surface for resharpening using most GRS sharpening fixtures.

Behind the 35° front graver face is a relief face sharpened at 15°. The burin sides are thinned by grinding a 2.5° relief surface on both sides approximately 0.6" (15mm) long.

Heel construction: 2 flat ground surfaces approximately 0.25" (6mm) long at 12° elevation angle forming a 100° included V-point. This creates a slightly wider point than a traditional square graver.

  • Kit includes 1 C-Max Burin, 1 Graver Handle, and 1 Allen Wrench. Instructions.
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