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GRS® QC Magnum Palm Handpiece

GRS® QC Magnum Palm Handpiece

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The Magnum's range of power, from an amazingly heavy to very fine, is misleading for its size. This handpiece exceeds the power of previous models  that are twice the length. It also has fine control with shading capability significantly better than any handpiece with this much top-end power.

Requires a compatible GRS engraving system using oil-free compressed air. Compatible GRS systems include the GraverMach AT, GraverMax G8, GraverMach, GraverMax SC, GraverSmith, and Classic GraverMax / GraverMate machines. This handpiece is not Airtact ready and is not compatible with the GraverMeister machine.

  • Includes standard barrel with Palm Knob.
  • Weight: 5.84 oz.
  • Length: 2.72"
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