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GRS® Maestro EX

GRS® Maestro EX

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The GRS Maestro now comes in three models for an even wider variety of applications. It is ergonomic and slim, nicely balanced, and very smooth in operation. Hand control is easily added with an Airtact Thumb/Finger element. Made from heat-treated stainless steel and solid brass.

In 2011, GRS introduced the second in the Maestro line: the EX model. The Maestro EX is the same length as the original Maestro and only 20% bigger in diameter. But the EX piston is over 3.5 times heavier with a longer stroke. This means it delivers significantly more power for a wide variety of stone setting, general metal engraving, texturing, and hammering applications. Control is excellent across the full Maestro EX power range. It also uses the GRS QC Tool Holding system for quick, two second tool changes.

  • The Maestro EX piston is over 3.5 times heavier, producing astounding power for  a wide variety of stone setting, metal engraving, texturing and hammering applications.
  • Length: 4"
  • Weight: 3.52 oz.
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