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GRS® 901 Piston V3

GRS® 901 Piston V3

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Upgrade your existing 901 handpiece with this advanced piston. The 901 Piston V3 is included standard in these handpieces manufactured beginning April 2009.  Photo shows piston from both sides. Item is sold individually.

How is the 901 PISTON V3 Better?

1. Permanently lubricated construction using an advanced composite sleeve for the outside of the piston. This sleeve has proprietary solid lubricants in it. The previous 901 piston was lubricated by a thin coating which would wear out in time. This new design will not.

2. Mass centralization. By using a heavy metal insert inside the composite sleeve, total piston mass is the same as the original piston. However, the heavy insert is about 3 times as dense as steel. This concentrates the piston mass in the center of the piston which helps it run smoother.

3. New design spring pocket. One end of the handpiece spring fits inside a bored pocket in the piston. In the original design, this pocket was hardened stainless steel. In the new design, this spring pocket is the new lubricated composite. As a result, there is less spring wear and noticeably smoother operation.

4. Lower air pressure and less air consumption. Although this new V3 piston is a drop-in replacement for the original one, it is designed to operate at a slightly lower air pressure (about 2 psi less). But our tests show it still has the same maximum power as the original design. This means lower air consumption (less wear on your compressor) and a lower pressure source of compressed air may be used. In fact, a 30 psi source of compressed air is usually sufficient now. This opens up many different types of air compressors.

5. Cleaner operation. Less frequent cleaning is needed because piston wear is practically zero.


Item shows 2 pieces to show back and front. This item comes individually.

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