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RS Globus Workholding Solutions - Master Set for GRS® Microblock

RS Globus Workholding Solutions - Master Set for GRS® Microblock

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Introducing innovative tools designed to help you work with precision and efficiency when performing drilling, layout, opening holes, cutting, setting stones and finishing. Endless options and positioning possibilities with these multi-angle tools. Superior quality, made with the highest precision CNC machinery. Fast, interchangeable attachments provide for multi-functional uses. Durable and reliable tools that are easy to use and configure. Compatible for work on a variety of jewelry pieces: rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and much more! Suited for work with GRS® MicroblockThese tools are essential for stone setters, engravers and craftsmen. 

Full Set includes: clamp holder, rubber for clamp holder (2X), cone mount, hexagon base (1 bolt 23.7 mm), master key, curved key, mini adapter with 1 bolt (23.7 mm), set of 4 cylinders (12, 14, 16, 18 mm), set of 10 size expandable collets (13-22 mm), set of 2 cones, set of 3 bolts (38, 45, 55 mm), hexagon & round holder, wheel, small box, large box, screw knob, hexagon base handle, shellac/thermo-lock handle, 5 mm T-shape allen key handle, carbon fiber EVA case for tools, small clear plastic storage box.



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